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Lentil and red pepper hummus.



Initially I was unsure about whether to post this recipe. After all, I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype of a vegan who eats nothing but hummus and lentils,never mind combining these two vegan staples. Next I’ll be posting nothing but tofu and salads!

Yes, the poor old lentil gets short shrift sometimes from vegans as we strive to prove that there’s so much more to a vegan diet than lentil loaf. No more though. I am happy to declare from the rooftops my love of the humble lentil. Versatile, nutritious and ever so handy for those days when the cupboards are pretty bare you can’t be bothered going to the supermarket, they are veritable shape shifters. Yesterday  they made a delightful daal, tomorrow they might disguise themselves in burger form, introduce them to some spinach and passata and you have the makings of a rather gorgeous vegan lasagne…

Today though, my little lentil friends are feeling all Middle Eastern.


So, here we go. Get your blender out and chuck in the following ingredients:

1 cup of cooked red lentils

1 tablespoon tahini

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 chopped, raw red pepper (you could try a marinated, roasted pepper instead if you like)

My blender is not that great so I have to add a little water to get the ball rolling.

So that’s the hummus base taken care of but it still lacks a little sparkle. Add the following ingredients gradually to work out your own preference. If you like the tart freshness of lemon juice, try adding a tablespoon. If that’s too much for you, tone it down a little.

lemon juice

salt and pepper

garlic granules (you could of course use fresh garlic cloves but I find this is too ‘spicy’ for the kids’ taste, granules over a more subtle flavour. Next time I will experiment with roasted garlic)

smoked paprika

Give it all another whizz in the blender, decant into a bowl, sprinkle with smoked paprika and garnish with fresh parsley.


You could serve this traditionally with pita bread or use it as a sandwich filling but I found that my boys quite liked it as a pasta sauce. Simply add a dash of olive oil to thin it out a little and stir it through some cooked pasta. For extra nutrients and flavour, add some sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and more fresh parsley.