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If you need more advice on becoming vegan, or have any specific questions you’d like me to take a crack at, please contact me on the email address below or via twitter @crossan_copy or @babystepsvegan

NB I have no formal training in nutritional matters – just a healthy interest in vegan nutrition and many hours trawling books and the web to educate myself on the best way to cater for my family. For more comprehensive nutritional advice talk to your GP or go to



7 responses to “Contact me

  1. Great site i will be following your blog and on twitter all the best with it, great to see a British blog and not USA vegans for once well done:)

  2. Hmm, link not working. Will investigate…

  3. My wonderful web expert has added Twitter and Facebook icons to my Home page – please click on them and follow me for updates between blog posts!

  4. I stumbled across your blog quite by chance and have been really impressed by the content, especially the recipes which sound tasty and interesting, and your sister’s experiment at being a vegan for a week. I eat a predominantly vegetarian diet – eating fish and meat very occasionally (perhaps once or twice a month) and I don’t eat cheese very often so am perhaps more vegan than I realise 🙂

    Anyway, thank-you for your hard work in creating such an interesting, informative blog. I’ll definitely be checking back regularly to see what you post next.

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment. If there’s any particular aspect about Veganism you’d like to learn more about, please do let me know. And if you fancy trying out your own ‘vegan for a week’ pledge, I’d be happy to help!

  5. Hi Clare
    You have a wealth of knowledge at this blog
    for which I thankyou for creating.
    I wish this was around in 1977
    when i began my vegan life style.
    But Thank God for You and your love you share.

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