Spinach and orange salad – kid approved!

My kids will eat a lot of unexpected foods usually associated with a more mature palette. Olives? Check. Avocado? Check. Curry? Check.

But can I get them to eat salad? Not a chance.

Until today! I’d given up trying to force feed them their greens in salad form so I didn’t even bother making them any at lunchtime but as I sat down to eat my plateful of leaves, I could see my eldest eyeing it with curiosity.

‘Would you like to try some?’ I asked.


‘Is it good?’ I asked.


Suffice to say, he cleared the plate in record time and left me without any lunch! Luckily this salad is a doddle to make so I whipped up some more to satisfy my rumbling tum.

Here’s what you need:

1/2 large bag of spinach

1 orange

1 tbspn sesame seeds

1/2 avocado, cubed

1 tbspn raisins

(Quantities in this recipe are to be ignored! Just put in as much or as little as you or your kids like)

Wash, dry and tear up the spinach leaves. Leaving the orange aside, mix  all other ingredients in a large bowl. Peel the orange, cut the segments out and add to the salad. Do this over the bowl to make sure you catch any juice. Once you’ve added the flesh of the orange, squeeze the remaining juice into the bowl. Et voila! Told you it was easy.


To boost the calories, drizzle walnut oil over your finished salad or serve with crusty bread dipped in olive oil.

This isn’t suitable as a main meal for a growing kid but is an ideal side dish or starter to deliver an iron boost and some good fats, found in the avocado, seeds and oil if you’re using.


2 responses to “Spinach and orange salad – kid approved!

  1. I hated spinach as a kid and for most of my adult life. Just this year, I bought some spinach from the farmer’s market just to support them but then I had to eat it. I tried it raw, and, much to my surprise, I really like it! It is so much better tasting than most lettuces I’ve tried so now I have a spinach salad nearly every day.

    I use dressing, seasoned croutons, dried cranberries and fake bacon. Thanks to your article I’m thinking some slices of mandarin orange and toasted pecans would be really good. I’m eager to try the sesame seeds, or maybe just a couple drops of real sesame oil.

  2. Pecans sound like a great addition if you’re catering for adults (NB for anyone cooking for kids, young children can choke on nuts!), let me know how it turns out.

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