Puppy stew anyone?

Oh, the outrage!

TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has claimed that eating puppies is no worse than eating pigs.

But wait a minute. We share our homes with our doggy friends. And they’re sooo cute. Pigs aren’t nearly so fluffy and cuddly. They smell a bit gross too. Don’t they spend their days rolling about in mud? Of course we should be eating pigs over puppies!

Let’s just think about this for a minute though. Why do we love our pups but eat piggies? Is there any valid reason that reaches beyond the realms of mere social convention and cultural habit?

Do pigs miraculously not feel pain when meeting the slaughter-man’s knife? Do they not have a desire to to live freely, to raise their children and play with their friends? When it comes to these fundamental characteristics, we’re all equal whether we be human, dog, pig or any other creature you care to name (or eat).

I first realised the hypocrisy at the tender age of 11. I was an animal lover and the absolute love of my life was a bunny called Frisky. After seeing some rabbits in the supermarket in France, all bald and skinny and ready for the pot, I was horrified. How could anyone contemplate eating such a beautiful and friendly creature? How appalling. I quickly made the connection that eating Thumper was morally no worse than eating Babe. That a meat eating animal lover was the ultimate oxymoron.

So I, for one, welcome his comments with open arms. Not because I think we should be eating puppies but because we shouldn’t be eating animals of any species. I don’t imagine anyone in this country eating dog stew any time soon, so if Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s comments make even just a handful of meat eaters question the hypocrisy of their actions, then chalk that up as a success for the vegans! Let’s use his comments and the media coverage as the ideal platform from which to start conversations and to show people the double standards.


One response to “Puppy stew anyone?

  1. I just found your blog through submitting my own review of Heavenly to the list (mine is http://www.ethicalvegan.co.uk), i have to say i agree with you completely on this article. Loving your work!

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