A wee update.

I just wanted to give you a little update on how the kids are doing.

Both seem to be in pretty good health aside from the usual childhood ailments; coughs, colds and the other things that all children pick up at nursery.

We have an appointment to see a dietician in November and I have to keep a food diary for a week beforehand so that she can see exactly what I’m feeding the boys. This is something that I requested. I feel entirely confident that a vegan diet is the healthiest start for my boys, but I’m keen to make sure that they are getting all of their nutrients and I’m not missing out anything obvious. I’ll let you all know how it goes and pass on any advice I’m given after the appointment.

Diet wise, they are both absolute dustbins who eat pretty much anything put in front of them. The eldest tucked into a bowl of Brussels sprouts the other day at snack time – pushy mother you think, but nope, he spied them in the fridge and decided that was what he wanted. He picked them out of the bowl and ate them like sweets!

Here’s the big news though: the baby is walking! He’s now just over 13 months and, with lots of encouragement, he has been taking a few tentative steps over the last few weeks but over the weekend he has found his confidence and now there is no stopping him! The only problem he faces is the classic ‘running before you can walk’ scenario; he gets a little bit ahead of himself and ends up face first on the floor. True to his easy nature though, he just finds this all quite amusing. As do his proud parents.


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