A very vegan birthday.

Well, as a greetings card writer would put it, I’m now 365 days lovelier!

I celebrated my 30th birthday last week and thought I’d share with you some of the highlights.

Without a doubt, the absolute best part of the whole birthday celebration started a couple of weeks ago when, after a couple of glasses of (vegan!) wine, my husband and I started discussing getting a rescue rabbit at some point in the future. I’ve always been keen on this idea, hubby slightly less so. I’m not sure how the conversation reached this point, but he actually suggested getting me a bun as my birthday present.* Now, I’m not one to look a gift husband in the mouth so I started making plans before he could change his mind!

The following day we took a trip to the Edinburgh and Lothians branch of the Scottish SPCA with our eye firmly on Sid, a one eyed bunny in need of a new home. He was every bit as lovely in person as he was on his profile picture on the SSPCA’s rehoming site. So, paperwork completed, we brought him home and now I can’t imagine my life without him!

Already that’s a pretty fantastic birthday, but the day itself was almost as special. I received lots of wonderful presents; vegan wine, Lush goodies, vegan cookery books…you get the idea. As a result I’m now 5lbs overweight, slightly drunk, but I smell divine. Just kidding, sort of.

We finished the day by meeting my many wonderful friends for drinks at Heavenly in Glasgow which turned out to be a great venue, both for those who grabbed something to eat while we were there and for those of us who dived head first into the wine. I plan to write a review of their grub at some point soon….well, any excuse to go out for lunch!

All in all, a very vegan birthday so thanks to all those who made it such a special day.


*In general I would discourage anyone from adopting an animal for someone as a gift, especially a surprise gift and of course, life changing decisions are best left until the cold, sober light of day! In this instance, we talked about it again in the morning after the wine had long since left our systems and we have had rabbits in the past so we weren’t unprepared for the hard work that goes in to caring for a bunny. End of disclaimer!


One response to “A very vegan birthday.

  1. Aw, you’re just a young thing 😉 (nearly seven months younger than me) Hope the new bunny is doing well!

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