Great skin and a happy tum!

Now this is purely anecdotal, and there will be plenty of sceptical omnivores out there, as well as some vegans themselves who haven’t noticed any great improvements in their health since removing dairy products from their diet, but I’d really like to share this with you.

For the past 8 years, I have suffered quite badly with IBS. Bloating, stomach cramps and other embarrassing symptoms that I won’t go into here, but I’m sure you can imagine! It could be a coincidence, but since I gave up eating dairy, my IBS has disappeared! Not just improved, but disappeared! Can you sense my excitement?

I may be making a leap here, but could it just be possible that I have been suffering all these years with a simple, and easily remedied, case of lactose intolerance? Obviously I’m not going to be getting my chops around a cheese sandwich to test my theory, so I’ll probably never know, but anyone who has been diagnosed with this horrible condition will appreciate my joy at its disappearance. Fingers crossed I have found my ‘cure’.

That’s not all though. As you will have gathered from the post title, I’m also about to delight you with a tale of glowing, youthful skin. Not mine though (although it’s not bad if I do say so myself), but my Mum’s. My Mum has issues with psoriasis; I’m not sure what affects it, and she goes through periods where it’s not too bad and some where it’s fairly torturous.

She is not vegan (yet!), she may never be vegan, but she has listened to my horror stories of dairy farms, heard the tales of the various nasties to be found in a bottle of cow’s milk and, as a result, has drastically cut back on her consumption of dairy produce.

While talking to her the other day, she mentioned how much her skin has improved recently – it looks and feels better than it has in years. She hasn’t made any other changes to her diet or lifestyle and so she is attributing this improvement to the lack of dairy.  I think we will be finding cartons of soya milk in her fridge for some time to come!

As I’ve already said, this is purely anecdotal evidence on the health advantages of ditching dairy, but if you suffer from a dodgy tum or bad skin, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Of course, there is an even better reason for giving up dairy produce than the advantages I’ve mentioned here. And this is not based on anecdotal evidence or hearsay but is pure fact. The dairy industry causes the death of millions of cows, mothers and babies every year. To find out exactly why it’s such a cruel industry, click here


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