Potato and lentil cakes.

The baby has reached that stage where he won’t be fed and he won’t eat from a spoon – it’s all about the finger food! This is a frustrating phase for any mother but arguably worse for a vegan mummy, already paranoid about nipper getting all of his vital nutrients.

The following recipe is today’s solution to the problem. It is a bit of a thrown together number – one of those days where I didn’t fancy braving the rain to go to the supermarket so I had to concoct lunch out of stuff we already have lying around the kitchen. Surprisingly tasty though.

Ingredients (VERY rough amounts, alter to your own preferences)

3 large potatoes, peeled

1 cup red lentils

2 broccoli florets

2 spring onions

walnut oil

olive oil

garlic puree

a handful of parsley, finely chopped



In a pan, boil the spuds until soft then mash with about 2 teaspoons of garlic purée and enough walnut oil to make a pliable texture. In a separate pan, cook the lentils and broccoli until soft. Mash the lentil mixture with the potatoes and throw in your chopped parsley. Pour a little olive oil into a frying pan and soften the spring onions. Add the onions to your potato and lentil mix. If the pan’s looking a bit dry, chuck in some more olive oil. Meanwhile scoop up handfuls of the potato mix (let the kids help with this bit!) and form small ball shapes. Roll the balls into some flour – seasoned with salt and pepper if cooking for adults – then place into the oiled frying pan on a medium heat. You want it hot enough to hear a bit of a sizzle! Cook both sides until they are nicely golden and slightly crispy on the outside.

These are lovely served over some wilted spinach and some sweet chilli sauce on the side. In fact, if this had been for adults, I reckon I would have chucked some sweet chilli sauce into the potato mix before frying. Must try that next time!


2 responses to “Potato and lentil cakes.

  1. Sounds really nice. Never though about making lentil AND potato cakes. Yum.

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