Banana Ice Cream

I spent a lovely weekend visiting my mum and sister. Although both are omnivores, I knew that we wouldn’t starve! When I first turned veggie aged 11 my mum rose to the challenge and discovered loads of tasty new dishes to keep me healthy. Now, all these years later, she’s once again going all experimental in the kitchen.

Savoury wise we had a host of salad dishes – potato salad, green lentil salad, marinated braised tofu salad. Yum!

But I have to admit, the culinary highlight was probably the simplest dish – one ingredient banana ice cream. A nice, healthy way to indulge my sweet tooth. Well, it was until I added a slice of vegan cake to the bowl!


Slice some ripe bananas and freeze for 1-2 hours. Place the frozen banana slices into a blender and whizz until they resemble breadcrumbs. Then mash the ‘breadcrumbs’ together until you get the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Easy as that.

I haven’t yet tried any variations of this as yet but I’m going to be experimenting by adding chocolate chips to the blended banana mixture for a choc chip banana dessert. I may also try adding some frozen ripe mango to the blender for a tropical version.

I’ll let you know if they are any good! Any other suggestions for me?


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