Gift Ideas for the discerning vegan

I have a slightly significant birthday coming up – I’m not sure if my family have realised this yet, but the usual gifts we girlies receive – handbags, chocolates, smellies – will most likely not be vegan friendly.

But panic not if you have a vegan friend or family member to shop for; the list of vegan friendly gift ideas is endless!


A particularly thoughtful gift for new vegans who are still getting to grips with vegan cooking.

My personal favourite is Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s The Joy of Vegan Baking. This has some mouth-watering recipes for vegan cookies, cakes, desserts and breads.

If your vegan friend’s tooth is more savoury than sweet, then I’ve heard good things about Benessere Well-being

Yummy treats

A vegan diet thankfully does not mean a life without chocolate. Below are some links for companies providing yummy vegan treats. Unbutton your trousers, sit back and indulge!

Get beautiful

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Lush has some fantastic beauty products carrying the vegan trademark. Not all products are vegan, so you will need to check, or play it safe by selecting a gift voucher instead!

If you are shopping online, try for a wealth of beauty goodies.

For those in the Glasgow area, I’ve discovered a fantastic new range of skincare products from the Beauty Kitchen. If you’re not local you can shop online, but again double check that the products you choose are vegan, because they do have a few that aren’t suitable.

The gift of giving

If your loved one has taken the vegan plunge, chances are animal welfare is high on their list of priorities – so what better gift than a donation to an animal charity made in their name?

You could make a straightforward donation or even sponsor an abandoned animal for a year.

The SSPCA have a ‘Sponsor a space’ scheme or you could sponsor a dog at Dogs Trust

I hope this has helped give you a little inspiration when shopping for the vegan in your life. And fellow vegans, please add your own suggestions! Have you been surprised by some particularly thoughtful gifts in the past?


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