This is one of my favourite quick lunches – full of tasty ingredients and lots of protein and vitamins to boot. My three year old loves it and the baby, who is too young to hold the wrap (although he gives it a good try bless him) eats most of the ingredients separately as finger foods.

Mexican bean wraps.


1 can of refried beans, heated (make your own by mashing up a can of pinto beans and heating it up along with some sunflower oil, some garlic powder and a little salt and pepper)

1 yellow pepper

tortilla wraps

sunflower seeds


cherry tomatoes


It goes without saying really, but take a tortilla, spread on a thick layer of beans, then add strips of pepper, avocado slices, halved cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle on some sunflower seeds*, wrap the tortilla into a manageable parcel and enjoy!

For a lower fat version, skip the avocado and seeds and add extra veggies – grated raw carrot or cucumber batons work very well.

*Leave out the seeds if you are catering for very young children


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