What is Baby Steps Vegan?

Since starting my vegan journey I have come across a great many vegans who are 100% committed to the cause. Those who converted seemingly overnight and have never looked back. And unfortunately I have encountered many who are scarily evangelical about it all – who look down on those of us who are making a slower transition or those who still chow down on a bacon sandwich now and again. These are the ‘religious’ vegans and like those who preach their religious beliefs on the street or bang on your front door with a bible while you’re trying to put the kids to bed, I imagine that they tend to annoy rather than convert.

I’m realistic and I appreciate that veganism can be a difficult transition and not everyone can do it all in one go!

I am not (yet) fully vegan. I still have some leather shoes (no point throwing them out before they fall apart I reckon), I slip up now and again and have a bit of chocolate when my hubby leaves it lying about the kitchen. But I’m trying and that is what counts.

So you will not find preaching here. Instead I aim to give advice on how to take those baby steps towards becoming vegan (or vegetarian), to show you that it is possible to reduce your animal consumption without too much effort, without deprivation and without turning into a sandal wearing, tree hugging hippy – not that there’s anything wrong with that either!

Whether you are here because you want to help animals, improve your health, help the environment, lose weight or just find some yummy new meal ideas, read on…


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