Easy peasy vegan!

Easy peasy vegan

No chocolate, no cakes, no cookies. No fun!

This is what I half expected when I first started flirting with the vegan idea.

It seemed so extreme. I could only focus on the things I wouldn’t be able to have.

Luckily I have since discovered that a vegan life is one of abundance rather than deprivation. I’ve got a bowl of lemon drizzle cake and custard sitting waiting for me as I type!

Still, I completely understand how daunting it can seem when you are just starting out, whether you are a committed carnivore or a seasoned veggie moving to the ‘next level’. So I’d like to offer a few ‘easy peasy’ tips to help you with the transition or just help you reduce your animal consumption.


1. Keep something in the freezer.

Like so many of us, I have those evenings when I just don’t have the time, inclination or energy to cook a meal from scratch. So I keep a few packets of vegan bean burgers and nut cutlets in the freezer. Twenty minutes in the oven with some potato wedges or a potato bunged in the microwave and I’ve happily side-stepped the impulse to call for a pizza.

Great for animals, sure, but kinder to my wallet and waistline too. Everyone’s a winner!

2. On a similar note, Linda McCartney is my saviour when I feel a craving for something meaty. (Some of us may find the thought, taste and smell of meat completely abhorrent; I remember that I quite like the taste of a bacon sandwich!)

Linda’s sausages, sausage rolls and country pies are suitable for vegans, easy to cook and, in our house at least, have passed the picky toddler and reluctant husband test.

3. Check out the ‘free from’ aisle of your local supermarket. Depending on the size and quality of the store you’ll find everything from vegan/dairy free pesto and ‘Parmesan’ to dairy free custard and chocolate buttons. Much easier than trekking to a health food store.

4. Instead of trying to ‘veganise’ everything, bear in mind that a great many dishes are vegan (and delicious) anyway. Try some spaghetti tossed with cherry tomatoes, olive oil, chilli flakes and olives. It’s quick, easy, tasty and completely vegan without any extra effort.*

*Just make sure the pasta doesn’t contain eggs.

Peanut butter sandwiches, hummus with pitta bread, beans on toast, tortilla chips with salsa, pasta with a tomato sauce, salted popcorn. All vegan and all things that most people happily eat anyway. It’s not all quinoa and mung beans you know!


You don’t always have to go out of your way or spend a fortune to find cruelty free products.

Original Source have several products (shower gel, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner) certified by The Vegan Society. They are very affordable, smell absolutely gorgeous and easy to find. My local supermarket stocks them and quite often has them on special offer too.

Simple products also state that they contain no animal products – they are also easy to find in supermarkets and chemists and are quite to your wallet and your skin.

Lush products also display The Vegan Society logo where they contain no animal derivatives. These are a bit more expensive but really yummy and ideal when you want a bit of luxury.

So follow my tips and you have taken a few baby steps towards being vegan – it hasn’t taken much effort, your bank balance hasn’t suffered and you’ve discovered some tasty meals and some gorgeous beauty products.

Oh, and you’ve helped your health, the environment and a whole load of cute, fluffy animals too. Not bad eh?


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